Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller Rose Gold Dark Rhodium 326235 Review

Today I will introduce the rhodium dial and the Oyster bracelet reference number 326235. We will discuss the movement of the bezel and crown, as well as the bracelet and case. This is what I think throughout the video. The diameter of this case from finger to thumb is 42 mm and it is made of 18 carat rose gold to improve strength and durability. Especially when it is painted, the structure is a one-piece middle case and is equipped with a downward screw The case, the winding crown can ensure water resistance to 100 meters or 330 feet, and the bezel is also made of 18-carat Everose gold. When I say Everose gold, I mean oyster steel and rose gold made by replica Rolex himself. The combination is made to last longer and maintain its color longer than any other rose gold on the market. It is also a grooved bezel, which can attract attention from anywhere in the room with its texture appearance and practical tradition. This kind of grooved appearance is to tighten the bezel on the case for the function to ensure the waterproof function.

Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller 326235

With the passage of time, the bezel gradually became an aesthetic element, and now it has become a distinctive symbol, and it is always golden. But in the case of ceiling lines, the grooved bezel actually has additional features but a little bit added later in the video. The crystal is a transparent scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, so you don't have to worry about the suit line or buttons damaging it , There is a single eyeglass directly in the date range, which is easy to read at a glance. The dial of this model is also very special, but the first thing that makes us suitable for replica Rolex is the appearance replica watches catalog of s. You know that a specific model has a rhodium sun ray pattern with The hour markers with hour markers, with color light display and light window or date window, and just below the three o'clock position of the monoglass, easy to read, but the special thing in the Rolex fake catalog is that all other functions in this dial, the most It is worth noting that there is a large eccentric 24-hour dial with a fixed red triangle fixed on the top.

As you can see, and you know that the dial is like the dial of the date window, because the indicator on the top is fixed, and it is a 24-hour dial, it rotates counterclockwise, it is easier to distinguish the time of day and night, but take a closer look On the dial, you will notice that'in the red rectangle outside of one of these hour markers, if you look at the 12 o'clock on the right, this 12 o'clock is actually red compared to all other index markers, then What does it mean there are multiples of 12? If you guessed for a few months, right between the hour index mark and the inner circle, our monthly indicator uses a reliable annual calendar, thanks to replica Rolex's patented soros mechanism, its unique The design is directly inspired by the astronomical phenomenon of the same name.

Rolex Sky-Dweller Replica Rose Gold

The annual calendar will automatically distinguish months from 30 to 31 days and display the correct dates for the whole year. Only one adjustment is needed on March 1 of each year (when February has 28 or 29 days depending on the leap year), you may want to know All these working principles only need to loosen the crown to the first position. This allows you to wind the best Sky Dweller replica watches easily and simply, but if you rotate the bezel to another position, pull it out to the next position. Can explain the time and date very well. The way on the left means you can no longer move it counterclockwise, you can actually move the minute hand, and can be set by extending the 24-hour dial, so you can set a second time zone, pay attention to the time scale, because the time scale stays At the top, and the internal dial moves counterclockwise to advance the time, so we can say that we are at 20 hours and 7 minutes, so now keeping the crown in the second position, you can actually no longer pull it out. This crown has only two positions. In fact, you can rotate the bezel so that you can start the second hand again. Now you can move the hour hand freely. Now you can set the time according to the minute hand. The hour hand and hour hand are all together, and then rotate the bezel Once, you can advance the date.

Please note that I rotate the date clockwise to move the date backward, so please note that until November 31st, November is a fictitious date, and you can only get it by setting it manually, because if I say that I am November On the 29th, and I am moving the hour hand forward, now my m is on the 30th and moving forward in time, it will automatically be set to midnight on December 1, instead of November 31, which is a fictitious date, as I have said Say, you can only reach it manually, you can't even go backwards. So, it's no surprise that November 31st is the only feasible way for you to do it manually in the right place, so remember that you actually The above can make all the functions of this replica watch very complicated. Rotating the bezel and rotating it clockwise will actually lock all the functions in this final position, even if you are there, there will be no response. No sound means nothing can be done. This is like a safety lock, so all you can really do is to put the replica watch first. This is what most people need, so most people may keep it last The location is good.

So all the reason that makes this feasible is that the movement is a replica Rolex calibre 9001, which is a permanent mechanical and self-winding movement, with the dual time zone I have shown, and the annual calendar I have shown. , The outer shell subtracts two seconds plus two seconds every 24 hours. Its central hour, minute and second hands display 24 hours on the eccentric dial. The second time zone of the second dial also has an instantaneous annual calendar at three o'clock. 'Quick setting of clock and date and month, through 12 holes around the circumference of the dial and precise time setting with a stop second hand, the oscillator is a paramagnetic blue parachrom hairspring with high-performance paraflex shock absorbers, so effectively Resistant to electromagnetic interference and shock, you can put down this replica watch, please do not put down this watch fake, you can put down this fake watch, it can still maintain a good time, it also has a perpetual motion two-way automatic winding function, so you The replica watch can be wound effectively when wearing the replica watch, and the power reserve is about 72 hours. With all these functions, I find it difficult to complete three days, which is indeed no problem.

Therefore, the bracelet is an oysterflex style bracelet with flexible metal blades encapsulated in this high-performance elastomer, with these beautiful ridges on the outside. It starts with the first link directly connected to the case, and there are some under it. Small holes, it's hard to see there, but there are these small holes underneath to raise the replica watch, so it fits well on your wrist and actually allows your wrist to breathe, compared to the leather you've used The bracelet has a very beautiful wearing appearance, but the leather bracelet is not allowed to breathe, because there is no actual raised part under it, just leather, so I actually did some empirical tests on my own and I wore a leather Bracelet and an oysterflex bracelet, each time about 30 minutes, I found that although the leather bracelet feels very comfortable, but my wrist started to sweat like crazy, so actually wearing this oysterflex bracelet makes sense to have these channels, because 30 minutes Later, I think I'm just wearing a fake watch case without a bracelet. It's very lightweight, and because my wrist doesn't sweat, I don't feel that there are many bracelets, so it's very comfortable. There is also this oyster folding clasp on its clasp. This way you can simply pull the top and open it, it also has no easy link, only a 5mm extension, but has a sliding lock that can give you a 20mm extension, so I have been opening it completely just to show you Show, but you can actually close it completely to take away 20mm, if you really need this replica watch, may I ask if it is out of specification, or I don't know if you can transfer it to a friend or something, and you The wrist size is similar but not the same, this may be a lifeguard. Please do not transfer it to a friend, because this is a great timepiece, why do you want to get rid of it so that we are here, we can try it properly, and then try it on the wrist, I keep it completely closed, So there is no extra length here.

So as I said before, it's very comfortable, it feels like I don't really have any kind of straps of any kind on it, I can feel this, maybe there is a little buckle, but nothing more, This is thanks to the internal passage that keeps my wrist breathing, so the weight feels very comfortable. Keeping all these mechanisms in this fake watch will let you know that the date of the second dial calendar is working. It's actually quite heavy, and it's never been rose gold plated well. This whole thing is rose gold once, so it's quite heavy, but you know you will get all these features for the price you pay, so why don't you want to show off What about it? So when it comes to who this watch replica is for, I would definitely say it is for busy people. Those more people know the flip and forget types, and you only need everything on your wrist without referring to the calendar. , You don't need to find the calendar somewhere, just put it here. Its features make it an excellent conversation starter, and there is often no such large eccentric 24-hour dial, especially on best Rolex replica watches. If you are interested in a particular watch replica brand, please go to the store to purchase.


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