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    data 5 de janeiro de 2015


    We are committed to water conservation and preserving the world´s natural resources, especially at critical times such as those currently being experienced in São Paulo, with the lack of rain. We appreciate your conscious collaboration in avoiding the unnecessary waste of water. We need your help!

    The Cantareira System, responsible for the supply of water for about nine million people in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, reached a level below 10% of capacity in December 2014.  The lack of rain, coupled with the uncontrolled growth of the city and industrial and agricultural expansion, collaborated with the worsening situation and there is no short-term improvement forecast.

    The conscious use of water is essential in our city during this critical period and we appreciate your collaboration.

    We are equally committed to preserving the precious natural resources of the world.

    We will refresh all linens and towels every three days, unless you choose to place the card next to your bed on it and not hang your towels in the bathroom.

    Here are some tips on how you can help:

    • Avoid taking very long baths; they use 95 – 180 liters of clean water

    • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth; this can save up to 25 liters of water

    • Dripping taps or leakages can waste up to 46 liters of water per day

    • Washing a car with a hose can use up to 560 liters of water in just 30 minutes; use a bucket

    • When cleaning the sidewalk and then throwing a bucket of water, you save up to 250 liters of water that would have been used washing it with a hose

    • Saving rainwater for watering plants saves 186 liters of clean water (the equivalent to half an hour of this activity)

    Please see below for news related to the water crisis in São Paulo :

    BBC News | São Paulo´s Water Crisis

    The Economist | Reservoir Hogs

     Bloomberg | Water Crisis in São Paulo



    At Hyatt, our mission is to make a difference in the lives of the people we touch every day and to demonstrate care in everything we do. In a world that continues to be more connected, with even more people traveling, the opportunities and challenges for our business are multifaceted.  We recognize that with our significant global expansion comes even greater responsibility to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

    Hyatt Thrive
    Our team at a Hyatt Thrive initiative in São Paulo

    Hyatt Thrive, our corporate responsibility platform, is rooted in our belief that for our business to thrive, our people, communities and planet must also thrive. It provides a shared vision and common focus for our corporate responsibility efforts through four pillars:


    • Environmental Sustainability: Taking focused, aggressive steps to reduce to our impact by implementing more sustainable building practices across our operations.  Our Hyatt Earth committee is always looking for the best ways to save energy, water and natural resources.
    Coleta seletiva do Grand Hyatt São Paulo
    • Education and Career Readiness: Helping our colleagues and our neighbors achieve their fullest potential through education and skills training.  We proudly assist young students by partnering with the Youth Career Initiative and Formare programs, which provide both education and work experience to youth.


    Formare students at Grand Hyatt São Paulo
    • Economic Development and Investment: Stimulating local growth and creating career and commerce opportunities in the communities we serve.  Our Chefs uses local products bought from local producers to stimulate the development of our communities.


    Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza | C-Cultura Caseira


    • Health and Wellness: Investing in programs that help our colleagues, guests and neighbors adopt and support healthy lifestyles.  Grand Hyatt São Paulo proudly sponsors running competitions with employee participation, encouraging the everyday adoption of a healthier lifestyle.
    Running competition in São Paulo

    Find out more and become a part of our initiatives at!

    Click to find out more about Hyatt Thrive.

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